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Yet Another Day In Florence

Florence is one of my favorite cities in Italy.  During my most recent visit, I finally got to see the Uffizi Gallery.  The Gallery hosts a magnificent collection of Primitive and Renaissance paintings, including some universally acclaimed masterpieces of all time by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.  Reserving tickets in advance was quite simple at the museum website.

While in Florence, I enjoyed some beautiful October weather…blue skies and warm temperatures; perfect for alfresco dining.  What more could a girl ask for?

I thought I would share some photos from my visit. 


A Rainy Day in Shanghai

I’m sure this has happened to everyone at one time or another.  You are visiting a city for only a few days and dear Mother Nature refuses to cooperate.  The skies open up and down comes the rain.  This is what happened during my time in Shanghai.  After my Yuyuan Garden visit was literally a wash out (no pun intended), I referred to my trusty guide-book for some indoor activities. Read more…

Busan, South Korea’s Flavorful City

Busan is South Korea’s second-largest city after Seoul, and probably it’s largest seaport.  During my visit to Busan, what impressed me most was the cosmopolitan nature of the city; adding a nice mix of scenic coastal areas, green mountainous regions and beautiful beaches.  Located on the southeast tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is famous for it’s seafood markets, which I suppose is expected from a city that thrives on the sea but was a fact that piqued my interest. Read more…

Haedong Yonggung Temple

This being my first trip to Asia and South Korea being one of the first places visited during this trip, I couldn’t wait to visit the Haedong Yonggung Temple. Read more…

The Great Wall of China

Various lists depicting the wonders of the world have been created throughout the ages, dating back from ancient times until today.  The one thing they all have in common is that they list both natural and man-made wonders.  I know that somewhere, on one of those lists, is the Great Wall of China. Read more…

I’m Back!

Here is a sample of the amazing places I visited during this trip…Petra, in Jordan.

Hi Everyone! It certainly has been a long time since I submitted a post on my blog.  Well, truth be told, I have been doing what I love…traveling.  Since my last post, I have been to South America and most recently on another trip of a lifetime.  My sixty-four day jaunt started during March in Beijing, China.  During the past couple of months, I traveled through Southeast Asia, then moved on to visit Oman and Jordan before visiting Egypt and Israel.  I spent the last days of my trip in Greece, Albania and Croatia, visiting ancient ruins and soaking up some history.  I wrapped up my trip in Venice with a private tour of St. Mark’s Basilica.  WOW! What an experience!  I kept a log of each adventure and have many photos to share with you.  It has been an amazing ride and I am looking forward to taking you step by step through my travels.

Think Pink

October is the official start of fall.  For most of us, it is a welcome change from the dog-days of summer.  October is also breast cancer awareness month.  This is the time of year when we are reminded that breast cancer continues to be one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in women.  I have a personal connection with October because I am a two-time breast cancer survivor.  I hope that you find this post both informative and inspirational.

The Words No One Wants To Hear – Breast Cancer.  In just one moment;  a few spoken words can change a woman’s life forever.  When confronted with breast cancer, women are often overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty.  After receiving the devastating news, there seems so little time to learn so much about the disease, the prognosis and available treatment options.  Even with the support of family, friends and a dedicated medical team, there is still a feeling of aloneness.  It’s a feeling of living in a vacuum;  everyone around you is going on with their daily routine and it seems your life is crumbling.  Yes people say they care, and I’m sure they do;  but only a woman who has experienced hearing those dreaded words, knows the anguish that goes along with them.  Nothing can prepare you for the emotional roller-coaster ride that follows.  In the days, weeks and months after the diagnosis of breast cancer, a woman faces the harsh reality of the hand that life has dealt her.  Fortunately, today there is a wealth of information available to women plus the latest in technology and research and support groups ready to help them every step of the way.  Still, many women do not receive the imaging they need to diagnose the cancer at an early stage and the treatment necessary to survive. Read more…

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