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Busan, South Korea’s Flavorful City

Busan is South Korea’s second-largest city after Seoul, and probably it’s largest seaport.  During my visit to Busan, what impressed me most was the cosmopolitan nature of the city; adding a nice mix of scenic coastal areas, green mountainous regions and beautiful beaches.  Located on the southeast tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is famous for it’s seafood markets, which I suppose is expected from a city that thrives on the sea but was a fact that piqued my interest.

Jagalchi Market is South Korea’s largest fish market.  Each morning at 5 am, an auction is held to sell the day’s catch as the fishermen return from the sea.  Although the fishermen and auctioneers are men, the majority of the vendors selling fish in the streets of the market are women.  They wear these funky pantaloons, mostly flowered, and big rubber boots; appropriate dress for the occupation!

The market is the perfect place to sample some of Busan’s fresh fish delicacies.  Jagalchi Market is known for its grilled eel, raw fish sashimi and Korean-style pancakes referred to as Dongnae Pajeon.  What a wonderful place to experience authentic Korean cuisine and culture.

Tucked away within a forested park-like setting is the Nurimaru APEC House.  Now I must admit I knew nothing about this place at the time, other than it provided some great architecture and terrific views of the city’s skyline.  APEC is an acronym for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.  The organization, started in 1989, has held an annual meeting each year since 1993.  The summit is attended by all major economic leaders.

The walk leading up was invigorating and scenic and I especially liked how such new architecture mixed with the traditional style pagoda and lighthouse.

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Lover of Travel – June 9, 2012


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