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A PhotoTour of La Alhambra

Washington Irving (1783-1859) wrote “Tales of the Alhambra.”  The series of essays and short stories published in 1832, depicted his journey from Seville to Granada and chronicled his days at the Alhambra Palace.  In a recent visit to Spain, I traversed the path of Washington Irving through Andalusia from Seville to Granada, in route to the Alhambra.






The Alhambra is a magnificent example of Moorish architecture.  One of the most distinguishing features of this type of architecture is the scalloped arch.  The arched windows along the walkways give visitors a spectacular view of Granada. 

The use of ornamental calligraphy, stucco and colorful tile adorns the vast complex of walls, towers, water features and gardens.

The circular courtyard in the Palace of Charles V has perfect acoustics.  The palace serves as a venue for the annual International Festival of Music and Dance.

The top site within the Alhambra complex is the Palacios Nazaries.    The rooms are decorated from floor to ceiling with intricate carvings, arches and tiles.   The Generalife Gardens originated as a fruit and vegetable garden.  Now boasting a variety of flowers and Cypress trees, a walk through the well manicured garden is a great way to start or end the tour.

All photos are from my personal gallery.

Lover Of Travel – August 30, 2011


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